Senior Wellness and Safety Programs

Free Health & Wellness Navigation ProgramTM

At Signature Pointe, we’re always by your side. In fact, we’re lucky to have a compassionate Patient Navigator in Neil Burum to answer residents’ questions and to help them maintain their health and wellness, no matter what the situation.

As part of our signature senior wellness program, residents moving into our community are greeted by Neil to help immediately coordinate their care, answer any questions they may have, monitor their progress, and act as their advocate to ensure their needs are met and they have the resources needed for success once they return home. The ultimate goal of the program is to work with residents to anticipate their needs once they return home and address them as quickly and fully as possible.

Preventing Hospitalization after Discharge

Our Patient Navigator uses all the tools at his disposal to help patients feel empowered to focus on their health and wellness. He focuses on the common causes of hospitalization and works to prevent them.

These common critical areas include:

  • Home health care needs
  • Equipment needs
  • Medications
  • Food and nutrition
  • Routine doctor visits

We’re proud to offer our residents the highest level of senior wellness programs, and none of these efforts would be possible without the empathy and dedication of our free Health & Wellness Navigation™ Program led by our full-time Patient Navigator.

If you’d like to learn more about the free Health & Wellness Navigation programTM at Signature Pointe, reach out to us at (972) 726-7575 or use the contact form on this page.

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