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Why People Love Independent Living at Signature Pointe

Moving into a senior living community can be an overwhelming experience. There are many factors to consider. Our residents take comfort knowing that Signature Pointe offers a full continuum of care — including assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing — that ensures needs are met now and in the future, all in one building.

Discover why people love independent living at Signature Pointe.

A Caregiver’s Guide

Becoming a caregiver doesn’t come with a how-to manual. It can be overwhelming, especially if all of this is new to you. Even if your loved one is in an advanced stage of a memory-related disorder, we understand you still need a place to find information and get answers to your questions.

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How People Can Live Self-Directed, High-Quality Lives in Mid- to Late-Stage Dementia

Each person has a unique story and a variety of interests, no matter how far the symptoms of dementia have progressed. Many people living with mid- to late-stage dementia still have the drive and desire to pursue the activities and hobbies they once loved.

Check out our guide.

Why Choose Us for Assisted Living and Memory Care

When extra care is needed in assisted living or memory care is required, you can take comfort knowing that Signature Pointe is there when you need us.

Learn what makes Signature Pointe unique.

Ten Signs it Might Be Time for Assisted Living

Looking for clues that it might be time to consider assisted living? Learn some of the common signs and symptoms you should look for to determine if it’s the right time to think about options for your future or the future of your loved one.

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Assisted Living Conversation Starters

When searching for an assisted living community there are so many questions and things to consider. It can be overwhelming, and you may need a good starting point to have the conversations that come with making the transition. To help you, we created these conversation starter questions that cover topics like health, lifestyle and future expenses.

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Advantages of Living in a Life Care Services® Community

When you choose a senior living community, you’re making more than an investment of retirement savings; you’re making an investment of the heart. Choosing a community managed by Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company, means putting both in the hands of an organization that has a rich history of providing quality senior living for nearly five decades.

Discover the advantage of living in a Life Care Services community.

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