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Top Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

A senior man and other residents undergoing physical therapy.

If you or a senior you love is starting to explore the benefits of physical therapy, there’s a lot you should know. Physical therapy is most often recommended to help seniors maintain their independence by improving mobility, muscle strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Physical therapy is beneficial for older adults who:

  • Have chronic pain
  • Are recovering from an illness
  • Have suffered a recent injury or fall
  • Are recovering from surgery

While the goal of physical therapy can vary by individual, it is generally designed to help restore functionality and independence.

Five Key Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

Since physical therapists are highly trained to help evaluate and treat people of all ages, their services can benefit older adults. Through tailored treatment plans, seniors can start to reach their long-term goals for physical health.

Here are five key benefits to consider:

1. Treating Chronic Pain

Pain is not uncommon for older adults. It can be a daily struggle when dealing with arthritis, osteoporosis, knee pain and more. Physical therapy can preserve strength and use of joints to help reduce future symptoms. Physical therapists can help individuals reduce pain and improve mobility through targeted therapies.

2. Reducing the Risk of Future Injury

Falling is a significant risk for seniors. As the No. 1 cause of accidents ending in broken bones, sprains or fractures, falls can be extremely dangerous. Physical therapy can be used before or after a fall to help build stability, balance and range of motion to prevent future accidents.

3. Promoting Greater Independence

Maintaining independence is key for older adults. After a fall, injury or surgery, physical therapy can help seniors move around with more ease and confidence. Targeted exercises can help seniors get back to preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning house, and improving their overall quality of life.

4. Speeding Up Recovery

While many older adults want to return home immediately after a surgery, injury or fall, engaging in physical therapy can help speed up recovery time. Physical therapy can help ease pain while reducing swelling and inflammation, improving mobility, and helping the body heal faster.

5. Lessening Dependence on Prescription Drugs

Many older adults turn to prescription medications when it comes to managing pain. Physical therapy can sometimes be as effective at managing pain as prescriptions. Since it’s common for older adults to deal with chronic pain in some capacity, physical therapy can be a valuable tool.

Where to Find High-Quality Physical Therapy in Dallas

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