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Assisted Living Helps Senior Caregivers Improve Wellness in 5 Ways

A senior woman smiles with her daughter.

You want the best for your senior loved one’s well-being. But your wellness matters too. When you’re a caregiver, it impacts you in physical, social, emotional, mental, and financial ways. Assisted living helps senior caregivers find relief and refocus on key areas of well-being.

A short-term stay for your loved one in assisted living might give you the rest you need. Other families may decide it’s best for their loved ones to move to assisted living full time. In both cases, assisted living can help improve caregiver support and wellness in several ways.

1. Physical Support

Caregiving affects you in physical ways. This may be due to the effects of stress or less time to care for your health. The Family Caregiver Alliance says that the more hours spent on caregiving, the more likely you are to report lowered physical health. When your role affects you physically, assisted living can help.

Assisted living helps senior caregivers also find physical relief through improved safety. You may struggle to help lift or support your loved one during daily tasks. That can put you at risk for injury. Assisted living relives these safety worries.

2. Social Support

If you miss friends or favorite hobbies, that’s common as well. Many caregivers don’t have much free time. As a result, the AARP reports that around 20% of caregivers say they are lonely.

Assisted living offers relief from loneliness for both your loved one and you. You gain time to enjoy social activities once again. And your loved one has engaging social events available every day.

3. Emotional Support

Caregiving often provides you with satisfaction from helping your loved one. And it’s normal to have a mixture of other emotions. However, feeling sadness, anxiety, or frustration most of the time isn’t OK. This could be a sign you need emotional relief.

Assisted living helps senior caregivers focus on the positives. You get peace knowing your loved one is cared for, and you both get the caregiver support you need. Overall, this helps you find a new sense of love and joy with your loved one.

4. Mental Support

Mental wellness is certainly an important focus for caregivers. The stresses of being a caregiver of a senior can add up. This puts you at risk for mental health conditions, such as depression. Even more, it can negatively affect the way you interact with your loved one.

You may also feel as though your mental to-do list is never-ending. This mental load is common for senior caregivers. Assisted living helps with caregiver support by relieving many of the daily tasks of caregiving. For example, you no longer have to worry if your loved one took their medication.

5. Financial Support

Lastly, assisted living helps senior caregivers with financial wellness. The CDC says 25% of caregivers report moderate or high financial stress. Your role as a caregiver may have changed your financial picture. For instance, you may have left a job.

Many families also enjoy the simplified finances provided by assisted living. For example, you know ahead of time the set cost. This avoids multiple bills and helps you better plan for the future.

Assisted Living Supports Your Loved One and You

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