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Focus on the Benefits of Assisted Living as You Make Your Move

A senior woman and her daughter walk outdoors wearing masks.

When moving to assisted living, the fear of change is common. Seniors are used to their current homes and surroundings. It can feel overwhelming to uproot their lives and start new somewhere else. However, the benefits of assisted living make the small stresses of moving worth it in the end. By focusing on these benefits, your loved one gains a chance to start fresh and find the support he or she needs to enjoy the next phase of life.

Assisted Living Offers More Than You Think

Your loved one may have an outdated picture of what a “senior home” looks like. Assisted living is much more than a place to care for physical needs. Today, assisted living communities put their focus on helping seniors stay active so that they can get the most out of life.

Assisted living gives seniors support for daily living tasks, such as meals, medication, or laundry. They can have confidence knowing trained professionals are always there if needed. And that in turn gives them more independence, not less. By filling these basic needs, assisted living lets residents get back to the business of doing what they love. Assisted living communities provide activities and amenities that are specifically designed with senior well-being in mind. This lets your loved one re-engage and find fulfillment.

5 Common Benefits of Assisted Living

If you or your loved one feels fear or worry about this move, focusing on the benefits of assisted living can help you feel more assured about your choice. Here are some of the benefits your family gains:

  1. Renewed peace – There’s a sense of relief or peace of mind that comes with assisted living. You and your loved one can rest assured that care, safety, and support are available 24 hours a day.
  2. Less boredom – Your loved one may have more free time now than they did before. This can lead to boredom. Assisted living helps reduce these feelings by offering new friendships, hobbies, and plenty of ways to stay engaged.
  3. Support of physical health – When seniors struggle with daily tasks, it affects physical health. One of the great benefits of assisted living is access to healthy meals and snacks, exercise programs, and more.
  4. Increased mental health – According to the CDC, when seniors have the right emotional and social support, it reduces their risk of mental illness. Assisted living also supports cognitive function by providing activities that encourage growth and learning.
  5. Less caregiving stress – You may feel stress as a caregiver. It’s likely your loved one also worries about their increasing need for help. With specialized support, assisted living helps remove the stress that often comes with the caregiver and care receiver dynamic.

Each assisted living community has its own unique benefits. Focus on finding the best fit for your loved one. Once you’ve found a place that feels like home, you’ll both be ready for a smooth transition.

Get to Know the Benefits of Assisted Living at Signature Pointe

We’re here to help you find the right care for your senior loved one. Our caring staff specializes in getting to know your family. And we customize care to your needs. To learn more about assisted living benefits at Signature Pointe, contact us today or schedule a tour online.