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5 Ways to Decorate Your Senior Living Apartment

Cozy room with book shelves and a desk.

You’ve decided to move to a senior living apartment. Now, it’s time to decide what you should include in your new home. It’s likely that the transition from your old home to your new apartment comes with mixed emotions. However, focus on this as a chance to get a fresh start.

As you start to decorate, you’ll want to find the right balance between meaningful pieces from your old home and new pieces that fit your current needs. Use these five tips to help you get started and create a place that feels like home.

Think About Scale

First of all, you should consider the size and scale of your apartment. Often, a move to a senior living apartment means downsizing from your current space. So, you don’t want to overwhelm your new home with too much furniture or clutter.

Take this opportunity to assess what pieces are truly meaningful, as well as what will fit within your new place. If you’re not sure where to start, ask friends or family for help. You might also find it helpful to use a professional organizer who can walk you through the decluttering process.

Incorporate Plants

Consider where you can add a few plants to your new home. Houseplants are a simple way to make your place feel welcoming. They’re also good for your health. Specifically, leafy green plants have been shown to boost your overall mood, according to Psychology Today.

Many find that a move to independent living means reducing their current number of plants. This can be hard, but you may consider taking clippings from your favorites to create smaller versions. This way you’ll have the plants you enjoy but in a form that will fit your new place.

Include Photography

A quick way to make your new home more welcoming is photography. You want to surround yourself with friends, family, and special memories. If you have meaningful pieces of art, be sure to think about how to best include them too. Art and photos also can be rotated out occasionally to keep things fresh.

Before you set up your apartment, you may need to set aside time to sort through photos. Ask for help converting photos to digital files. This will make it easier to keep them organized and print out what you need.

Design for Guests

It’s friends and family who make a home. So, as you’re decorating, think about guests. You’ll want to arrange the furniture in the living and dining area so that there’s a comfortable place for guests to sit.

Designing for guests also means including interesting pieces that spark conversation. If you have a special hobby or interest, think about how to include those in the décor. You want to reflect your unique personality in your space.

Make It Functional

As you decorate, be sure to find the right balance between what looks nice and what is functional and safe. For seniors, falls are a concern. Carefully consider anything that might be a tripping hazard, like throw rugs or cords.

You’ll also want to think through what you use daily. Arrange furniture and other pieces so that they make day-to-day tasks easy. By balancing warmth and beauty with functionally and safety, you’ll create a comfortable new home that you can enjoy.

At Signature Pointe, we want each of our residents to have a comfortable, safe home that they love. Find out more about our independent living options. We’re here to help you be at home. Call (972) 726-7575 to schedule a virtual tour.