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The Professional, Caring Team at Signature Pointe

The team at Signature Pointe is fully supports our mission: to provide an enriching life experience through quality senior health services, comfortable housing options and engaging activities. You’ll find an incredibly attentive staff of professionals ready to help you live the secure, carefree lifestyle you seek, as we focus on improving your mind, body and soul. At Signature Pointe, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our residents, every day.

Meet our caring senior living staff:

Marilyn Davis, Executive Director

Executive Director

Marilyn is a licensed Nursing Facility Administrator with more than 32 years of executive operations management experience in both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care settings. For Marilyn, working for senior living communities is not a job, it’s a passion. Her philosophy is to stay committed to the quality of life. I invite you to take a virtual tour of our community. Click here.

Yalonda Sasser (Walker), Assistant Director of Nursing, Long-Term Care

Assistant Director of Nursing, Long-Term Care

Yalonda’s favorite thing about serving the Signature Pointe community is the strong sense of “family” she feels toward our residents and her fellow team members. Most residents know her by name and she enjoys taking time to chat with people in their rooms or in the hallways in passing. Yalonda feels blessed to make a positive difference in the lives of the residents.

Christopher Minor, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing Skilled Nursing

Assistant Director of Nursing Skilled Nursing

Christopher has a well-rounded nursing background that allows him to support senior residents with multiple modalities. As the Assistant Nursing Director for Skilled Nursing, he oversees the nursing care and tracks progression of the quality of life for the residents at Signature Pointe.

Sandi Odorizzi, Social Worker

Social Worker

Sandi finds fulfillment from working with families by assisting them with their transition to senior living. She has been a social worker for 10+ years and feels that Signature Pointe provides such an outstanding level of care that she would be confident in placing her parents here. She enjoys the teamwork among the staff and the way they work together to serve seniors. Check out Sandi’s video bio.

Nancy McCarthy , Sales & Marketing Director

Sales & Marketing Director

Nancy shifted her career path to senior living after moving to help care for her 84-year old mother. She knew and felt in her heart that senior living was where she needed to be. As the Sales & Marketing Director, Nancy enjoys teaching interns and sales people to lead from the heart and the sales will come. Watch Nancy’s video bio.

Karen McNickle, Director of Sales & Marketing for Independent Living

Director of Sales & Marketing for Independent Living

Karen helps seniors find the perfect independent living apartment. She loves seeing residents settling into their new home and enjoy a better quality of life living at Signature Pointe.

Amanda Oertwich, Independent Living Director

Independent Living Director

Amanda strives to provide unique experiences in a fun and caring environment. It is her passion and honor to work with seniors and be able to make a positive impact in their lives by developing engaging programs and activities. She credits having amazing grandparents that instilled a love and admiration for seniors that continues to grow to this day.

Blair Freshwater, Director of Rehabilitation

Director of Rehabilitation

Blair ensures that rehab patients are receiving the best and most advanced care available. She loves serving families during difficult times and providing them with the help they need to recover. Learn more about Blair and check out her video bio.

Varughese Mathew , Respiratory Care Practitioner

Respiratory Care Practitioner

Bringing over 25 years of respiratory care experience and commitment to the Signature Pointe community, Varughese Mathew focuses on providing excellent respiratory care services to our residents.

Quinton Burleson, Assisted Living Director

Assisted Living Director

As a child Quinton was very close to his grandparents and he knew early on that his calling was to work with seniors. He is passionate about providing quality care in a safe environment and considers every resident an extension of his family. His goal is to create a supportive environment that encourages independence in the least restrictive setting. He is committed to “bringing new smiles and memories” every day.

Neil Burum, Patient Navigator

Patient Navigator

Neil helps residents navigate their healthcare needs after they have discharged home. His focus is to ensure that residents have the care and support they need to prevent hospitalization. Having pastored churches for the past 36 years, Neil understands the importance of being an active listener and a caring advocate. It energizes him to provide support and promote the wellbeing for our residents.

Alisia Johnson, Assistant Director of Nursing | Memory Care

Assistant Director of Nursing | Memory Care

Alisia’s mother, a retired registered nurse, has always been Alisia’s role model. Inspired by her mother’s passion and love for her patients, Alisia followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a nurse. She is committed to providing the utmost care for her patients, the residents in the memory care neighborhood.

Mikayla Copeland, Memory Care Therapeutic Activity Director

Memory Care Therapeutic Activity Director

Mikayla enjoys making meaningful memories and engaging on a personal level with the residents. She feels that Signature Pointe offers a unique experience for seniors and that their loved ones can trust our staff to care for them like family. She is passionate about being in the moment with residents and sharing in their journey. Watch Mikayla’s video bio.

Rainia Youman, Move-in Coordinator

Move-in Coordinator

Ever since Raina was very young, she enjoyed spending time with her grandparents. She learned about patience and the need to care for her elders at a young age. So, now it is natural for her to always want to lend a helping hand. Rainia eases the stress of moving and transitioning to senior living by helping residents and their family during this transition.

Shonna Rives, Director of Activities

Director of Activities

As Director of Activities, Shonna loves interacting with our residents and getting to know them on a personal level. Once she understands the things that make them happy, she finds unique ways to keep them active and engaged with other residents in our community. For Shonna, spending time with residents and building meaningful relationships with them is a never-ending source of joy.

Heather Garner, Director of Business Development

Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development, Heather represents our senior living community in the area hospitals, visiting with patients to discuss the advantages of being a resident at Signature Pointe. She’s been with Signature Pointe for 6 years, and her close relationship with her grandmother led to her passion for serving seniors. Watch Heather’s video bio.

Kalli Mika, Admissions Director

Admissions Director

As the Admissions Director, Kalli has the opportunity to make our residents smile on a daily basis. Originally from South Louisiana, she brings a unique level of care to her job that ensures residents feel right at home. Kalli thrives in the chaos and is rewarded in knowing she has created an extension of her family with our Signature Pointe residents and their families. Check out Kalli’s video bio.

Kristi Craddock, D.S.M., Food Services Manager

Food Services Manager

Kristi has an extensive culinary background who has focused her career specifically in the senior living industry. She is passionate about created an extraordinary dining experience for the residents while offering nutritious, but delicious, food choices.

Latoya Moody , Human Resources Director

Human Resources Director

Latoya is influenced by her father who today is in his 80’s. He is her role model and compass that drew her to senior living. She treats every resident as if they were her father. Latoya enjoys supporting the care team at Signature Pointe helping them deliver on our promise to serve our customers, first and foremost.

Brandon Roach, Director of Maintenance

Director of Maintenance

Born and raised right here in Texas, Brandon is proud to use the skills he learned from his father and mother to take good care of the Signature Pointe community. Not only does Brandon take pride in overseeing the physical maintenance of our community, he’s also responsible for security, emergency preparedness and city/state code compliance – not to mention our beautiful fish pond.

Violanda Reed, Business Office Manager

Business Office Manager

One of Violanda’s favorite things about working at Signature Pointe is getting visits from residents just stopping by to check in on her. It’s this type of interaction that makes all the challenges of her job worth it. From addressing financial concerns to helping residents with life in general, Violanda is here to listen and help our Signature Pointe residents with anything they need.

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